Best Way To Dispose E-Waste

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It’s safe to say that when it comes to disposing of old computers, the trash is not the most ideal place to put them. The reason is because anything that is thrown into the trash can end up directly in a landfill which is a terrible spot for any type of recyclable waste as it’s extremely bad for the environment. Old laptops, computers, cell phones, monitors, printers, fax machines, and all other types of e-waste need to be disposed of at a certified and reputable recycling center. Unfortunately for a lot of people, access to those recycling centers is not always the most reliable. This may be due to lack of owning a vehicle or one that is of compatible size, or buddy tight-knit schedules that don’t permit such a chore. This is probably why you or your business have a bunch of old computers laying around in your home or office. Instead of holding those items for no apparent reason, the best thing to do is call Junkaroo to come through and responsibly dispose of them!

Easy Load Up

Here at Junkaroo, loading up your old e-waste is an easy process, one that is stress-free and hands-off for you, the beloved customer. Our process is smooth and fortunately, it only takes a couple of our junk removal professionals to clear out all the computers in your home or office space. Regardless of the number of electronics you have, we will come through for you. Additionally, in the meantime you can take advantage of our large dump trucks for more waste that needs to be removed and disposed of!

Additional Items

Are there any other items that you would like to get rid of at the same appointment? The Junkaroo crew can remove all types of furniture, appliances and other household items. We can also pick up things from around the backyard that you would like to clear out which includes yard waste. 

Whether you’re a gamer with a lot of old PCs laying around, or a corporate business owner with new computer inventory on the way, allow our team of professionals to take the matter off your hands in the safest, most efficient and cost-effective way possible!

Let’s continue to make the earth a greener place through safe e-waste removal. Schedule your same-day service appointment today or call us to get a free on-site estimate for electronic junk disposal.

The 6 Major Benefits of Junk Removal

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Patio Deck Before Junk Removal


To maintain good health in your home and business premises, you need to eliminate all the rubbish and clutter. With waste in your surroundings, the health of you and your workers may deteriorate. Your employees in such a case have the right to issue a complaint against you, which may hinder the success of your business.

A junk removal company such as Junkaroo, has well-trained professionals who can maintain a high level of hygiene in your business. Junk removal has multiple benefits, and in this blog, we will cover the main reasons you should clear rubbish from your home, office, and business.

Health reasons

Junk should be collected and disposed of frequently. Trash lying around for an extended time gathers dust and provides an area for pests and insects to thrive. The dirt will enable germs to thrive, causing diseases.


Moving junk on your own will create a potential health risk and additional costs. Bulky items like furniture and machinery are challenging to carry and transport on your own, while some waste can be sensitive and highly hazardous. Employing a waste clearance company will remove your waste safely and securely handle all process steps. Remember they have the proper training and experience.


Everyone enjoys living in a clean home and environment. A clean environment is suitable for kids to play in and your day-to-day tasks. On the other hand, a dirty environment makes life miserable for occupants and poses a health risk.

Protect the environment

Garbage and waste cause air and water pollution. Rotting garbage may produce harmful gasses that may lead to breathing problems as they mix with air. When the trash is left untreated in landfill sites, the vegetation around will show the effects. The garbage may also cause waterborne diseases like cholera and abdominal discomforts.  

Conservation of resources with rubbish recycling

Recycling helps conserve natural resources and reduce the cost of production of many products. Recycling glass, plastic, paper, and oil from the rubbish in our homes is essential. For example, recycled paper can save trees across the world.

Creates a better home

Too much rubbish can clutter and ruin our house. Removal of waste creates space to do other activities, and you also get peace of mind minimizing the stress. The overall essence of your home will enhance significantly.

If you’re ready to get your junk removed for these many benefits, contact our team of professionals today!