How to Clean and Organize your Garage

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The garage is the one place at home that is incredibly easy to store things but also incredibly easy for clutter to build up. Whether you lived in your house for years, haven’t finished unpacking from a recent move, or you’ve simply picked up a bad habit of not organizing things better, then this blog is for you!

Schedule Time For It

Making an excuse is typically the main reason most people never get around to cleaning their garage. Aside from the fact that life can get extremely busy, cleaning and organizing your garage definitely isn’t an exciting way to spend your downtime. With that being said, the first step to cleaning your garage is to set aside the time and make it a high priority. Depending on the state of your garage, you may need to dedicate a weekend or two.

Clear It

The step that scares people the most: emptying the garage. This is to gain a clean slate, essentially starting from scratch. While it may be time consuming and overwhelming, the first thing that you want to do is empty the space. 

Once you’ve grabbed something from the garage, determine if it’s an item that you would like to keep, sell, donate, or simply throw away. Keep these piles separate and organized throughout the process of removing items. Once you’ve completely emptied your garage, you have a clear idea of where all those piles will need to go. 

Deep Clean

The garage is often neglected when it comes to cleaning, and for a couple of different reasons. For starters, this is a space that, while it is still attached to the house (in most cases), doesn’t entirely feel like a part of the house. Secondly, this is a space where outdoor equipment, tools, and cars are stored — not exactly items that you associate with cleanliness. Whether you’re storing boxes from a move, clothes that you don’t wear in-between seasons, or food for your pets, it can quickly turn into a mess that makes you dread ever stepping foot in. Now with a cleared garage, you can focus on cleaning it to remove all dust and dirt.

Organize the Garage

Now that the garage is clean, it’s time to put everything back. Depending on what organizational tools you currently own, you may want to go out and invest in some storage cases or structures that help maintain all of the hard work that you’ve just completed. You might also need a dumpster if you end up with a lot of old and useless junk.

Contact Junkaroo

Going the route of hiring a team to handle your junk hauling is easily one of the best methods you can choose when it comes to clearing out your garage. Our professional team at Junkaroo is always one phone call away. Contact us today!