Junk Removal in Dundas

Nestled at the base of the Niagara Escarpment and adorned with waterfalls, trails and greenery lies Dundas. Sometimes called Valley Town, Dundas is a mix of historic 19th century buildings and tree lined streets complimented by boutique shopping and great restaurants. Junkaroo can be relied on to help keep the Dundas pristine.

Junkaroo can quickly change a cluttered yard or garden shed from an eye sore into a tranquil setting. For those who want to actually park the car in the garage, Junkaroo’s junk removal service can make the space.

Junkaroo is there for trash removal, junk removal and junk pickup not just outside the house or office, but inside as well. Whether it’s an overflowing attic, chaotic basement or crammed storage room, Junkaroo can bring order, allowing for more efficient use of your space.

JUNKAROO aims to donate reusable items like furniture and clothing to local charities serving Hamilton. Otherwise, the junk is recycled or discarded at a city transfer station.

We’ll remove:

  • Junk and garbage
  • Renovation/construction debris
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Apartment or office clean up
  • Equipment
  • Garden or yard waste
  • Bulk bed loads
You can reach us at:

(905) 627–5888 [Local]
1-888-445-JUNK [Toll Free]
102 Plaza Dr.
PO Box 63023
Dundas, ONL9H 6Y3

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