Junk Removal FAQ

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JUNKAROO’S rates are based on type and volume of junk. We must also consider how long each job will take and the approximate weight of your items to be removed. Rough estimates are available by phone. Free and exact quotes are provided on-site.
This lets our customers take advantage of our same-day service and allows our crew to deal with unforeseen challenges, such as large jobs or traffic. Your JUNKAROO crew will phone to confirm your appointment approximately 15-30 minutes before their arrival.
We encourage our clients to be on-site when your crew arrives. However, we can still do the job if you cannot be there provided we have access to your junk for removal. We accept Visa and Master Card over the phone. Your invoice will be left in the mailbox, emailed or mailed to an alternate location, for your convenience.
As long as our crew has adequate lighting and the timing of the job does not conflict with local noise control by-laws, the job will get done!
For your convenience you can pay using Visa, Master Card, or cash. We offer favourable terms to our regular and commercial clients.
Yes. We are an approved “Waste Management System” with the Ministry of the Environment.
Yes. Our trucks, trailers, staff and business are properly licensed and insured in case of accidental property damage or injury.
JUNKAROO is not a “moving” company. We are not insured to transport items from one property to another. However, we will move items, within your property, for your convenience.
JUNKAROO aims to donate reusable items (furniture, clothing, etc.) to local charities. Most of the junk will be taken to local transfer stations to be recycled or dumped accordingly.

Bin Rental FAQ

Prices for bin rentals vary by city. Please check-out our rates page
If you require a second bin, we will provide you with another one at 10% OFF our regular price. The same disposal fees will apply.
A daily fee of $18.00 will apply for each day beyond the initial rental period.
It is difficult to guarantee a specific time due to factors such as weather, traffic, and our call-volumes. We generally drop-off and pick-up bins between 7am – 6pm.
Anything may go into the bin except for hazardous-waste. Hazardous-materials include, but are not limited to: paints, solvents, fuel, chemicals, propane-tanks, batteries, oils, etc.. If hazardous-waste is found in your bin, “extra” charges will be added to your bill as the local transfer-stations will reject the hazardous-materials.
Yes! Most 4 – 20 cubic-yard bins will easily fit on a regular single-car driveway.
In most cases, you will require a city-permit to place your bin anywhere other than your driveway. We will provide you with the appropriate city-contact phone number.
Yes! Our driver will place 2 X 8 pieces of wood between the bin and your driveway to prevent scratches and/or gouges.
To safely transport the filled bin, we ask that our clients’ NOT pile items past the top-edges of the bin.
Generally, our preferred payment method is by credit-card (ie. Visa or Mastercard) which our client will provide at the time of booking.