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Junkaroo is proud to provide junk removal, rubbish removal, appliance and furniture removal services in beautiful Oakville Ontario With a history in shipbuilding, timber and wheat farming, Oakville has grown and changed dramatically since its inception around 1850. Now as then, junk removal, garbage removal and general trash removal services are needed to help keep the community clean and attractive.

As the years passed, Oakville became industrialized with companies such as BP Canada, Petro Canada, Shell Canada and Ford Motor Company taking advantage of Oakville’s waterfront access to Lake Ontario. As these industries grew, so to did the residential and commercial needs of the city. Junk removal, furniture removal, appliance and equipment removal services were required t

We’ll remove:

  • Junk and garbage
  • Renovation/construction debris
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Apartment or office clean up
  • Equipment
  • Garden or yard waste
  • Bulk bed loads

You can reach us at:

(905) 627–5888 [Local]
1-888-445-JUNK [Toll Free]520 Kerr St.
P.O. Box 20011,
Oakville, ON L6K 3Y7
[email protected]