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How Do I Get Rid of My Old Refrigerator?

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  Is your fridge broken and ready to be disposed of? It’s best to book a professional service when it comes to old refrigerator removal, such as Junkaroo. It can be challenging to throw out a fridge. Aside from its heavy weight, it can be quite bulky, which means there’s a risk of damaging items  … Read more

Getting Rid Of Unused Filing Cabinets

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  The digital world is here to stay. It’s evident that every year as a society and culture, we’re becoming more digitized; in the work space and at home. Nowadays, most companies conduct business paperless or use paper to a bare minimum. With this market shift, the use of filing cabinets is diminishing. There’s a  … Read more

5 Last Minute Moving Tips

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  While it’s exciting to move, it can also be stressful and overwhelming to organize a plan that is efficient, especially with our busy and complex schedules. In this blog, we’ll go through a few tips that can make your move smoother and easier to manage. From methods to narrow down the clutter to advice  … Read more

Best Way To Dispose E-Waste

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  It’s safe to say that when it comes to disposing of old computers, the trash is not the most ideal place to put them. The reason is because anything that is thrown into the trash can end up directly in a landfill which is a terrible spot for any type of recyclable waste as  … Read more

The 6 Major Benefits of Junk Removal

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Patio Deck Before Junk Removal

  To maintain good health in your home and business premises, you need to eliminate all the rubbish and clutter. With waste in your surroundings, the health of you and your workers may deteriorate. Your employees in such a case have the right to issue a complaint against you, which may hinder the success of  … Read more