Junk Removal in Waterdown

Waterdown lies on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment. The heart of this picturesque village is adorned with a wide range of boutiques offering antiques and hobby stores to clothiers, tearooms and excellent dining.

Over the past years, Waterdown has expanded greatly with the building of new homes along with commercial establishments. With continued growth on the horizon, comes greater need for Junkaroo’s junk removal and trash pickup services. Junkaroo is happy to keep pace with Waterdown’s new and existing residential and business needs.

Whether it’s an overflowing garage, chaotic basement or crammed storage room, Junkaroo can bring order to your surroundings with our junk pickup and junk removal services. If a bin is needed, we can provide that too.

For busy business owners, finding time to clean out office or warehouse clutter can be distracting. Junkaroo can remove the trash and other items like damaged inventory to free up valuable space or remove junk and waste from building exteriors to add to curb appeal. From renovation and construction debris removal to clearing out offices and apartments, we do it all.

JUNKAROO aims to donate reusable items like furniture and clothing to local charities serving Hamilton. Otherwise, the junk is recycled or discarded at a city transfer station.

We’ll remove:

  • Junk and garbage
  • Renovation/construction debris
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Apartment or office clean up
  • Equipment
  • Garden or yard waste
  • Bulk bed loads
You can reach us at:

(905) 627–5888 [Local]
1-888-445-JUNK [Toll Free]

[email protected]

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